Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s day is just around the corner and i’m sure everyone would love to celebrate with their mums but not everyone will have the opportunity to do so. That being said even though you might not be under the same roof that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate

We’re going to take you through our top tips for making your mother’s feel special no matter where you’re in the world!

  • Post your gifts

Yes it’s pretty simple but will make her feel special all the same, Whether it’s flowers, a DIY spa day hamper or you put together all her favourite things and post them to her. Everyone would be happy getting an unexpected surprise at the door and if you’re close enough you can even deliver them yourself (socially distanced of course)

  • Book an online experience

Distance doesn’t stop you from doing family activities, Many companies have adapted their business and you can now have the same experience online from candle making, to wine tasting, even a cooking class. You can all do it together online from the comfort of your homes and they’ll send all the things required to your door.

  • Family Games Night

Zoom can be your best friend, Send each other the games, download a quiz app or just make it up on the spot you’ll still be able to enjoy some family fun

  • Send a Family video message

Even if you have plans on the day you can always put together a video message not only will it be a keepsake i’m sure she’ll never delete from her phone or laptop. But it can include even those outside of her family who can help to make her day and remind her of how special she is

  • Write a letter

In the world of emails and text messages some still enjoy receiving a heartfelt letter, It’s perfect for those who make not be the best with technology and something i’m sure all mums will treasure forever. On the plus side they’ll also never accidentally delete it from their phones

As hard as this time will for some there’s still plenty of ways to enjoy Mother’s day and make your mums feel special, Big or small the effort alone i’m sure will make their day!

From us to you wish you all the best Mother’s Day

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