How To Plan A Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be stressful at the best of times, especially when you just want your day to be perfect! So gather all your best friends and go over our top tips on how to have the best and most organised baby shower possible.

  • Budget

First things first set the budget! Once you work out what you can afford the real planning can begin because baby showers can become pricey when you’re planning with no budget set in place, Once this is done you can think realistically about what you want for the day.

  • Guest list 

Make a guest list whether it’s you want an intimate affair with close family and friends? Or you want to shell out a bit ? Once the final headcount is confirmed you can get a more precise number and figures down for everything else whether it’s catering, games, name tags you name it will be able to fall into place as you can actually confirm definite numbers.

  • Location, Location, Location

The location of the shower various factors the season, guest list and budget, If it’s summer it’ll always be nice to have a baby shower in the house or garden if you’re having a smaller gathering amongst family and friends. If your guest list is pretty large you can always look at venues, restaurants and even hotels who’ll be able to provide spaces, but you’ll have to take into consideration they every venue may have different rules in regards to setting up and clearing down. Some may require you to set up and clear down whereas some may offer you to do it at an additional fee.

  • Checklist 

Whether you plan to have a big or small baby shower you MUST have a checklist! Just make a note of things to check off as you go along the way whether it’s things to do a month prior, couple weeks or a few days before. The last thing you want to do the day before or worst case on the day of is to forget something and have to be running around like a headless chicken trying to get something which is probably so simple hence why it’ll slip your mind sorted. No harm comes from making notes everyone forgets things from time to time it happens to the best of us!

  • Host

Assign a host! This would be something we highly recommend just for peace of mind just to make sure everything goes smoothly, whether it’s even just the hosting of the games and that the schedule of the day is going as close to plan as expected. The last thing we want for the mother to be is for you to be worrying food is being brought out on time or why there isn’t enough chocolate to play dirty diaper. 

  • To reveal or not to reveal 

In the case you may have found out the gender of the baby you may consider doing a baby shower/ gender reveal rather than two separate gatherings. Either way you plan it is fine I’m sure you’ve seen the recent craze the choices are endless if you decided this route whether it’s with a cake, confetti cannon or balloon.  

Follow these steps and we’re sure you’ll be along the right lines to a stress free baby shower, if you want some extra help along the way there are printable baby shower checklist sheets available for download just click following link Baby Shower Checklist and you can check out our range of gender reveal items available as well on


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