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How To Get Your Baby To Sleep
Baby Boo BooBlogHow To Get Your Baby To Sleep

As sweet and adorable as they can be getting your baby to sleep can something be an extremely difficult task, So here are out tips to on how to make bed time a lot smoother 

Let them Sleep 

  • Don’t try to keep your baby up during the day in the hopes that he or she will sleep better at night. Overtired infants often have more trouble sleeping at night than those who’ve had enough sleep during the day


Avoid Overheating 

  • Sure way to sleepless night to overheat your baby, make sure you dress them for the room temperature and don’t over bundle them. Always watch for signs of overheating, such as sweating or feeling hot to the touch


Keep the lights low

  • In the case that your baby does wake up try to keep the low lights as low as possible and resist the urge to play with or talk to your baby. This will send the message that night time is for sleeping. If possible, let your baby fall asleep in the crib at night so your little one learns that it’s the place for sleep.


Put your baby to sleep with a pacifier 

  • If your baby rejects the pacifier don’t force them to take it, Do whatever happens naturally. If it falls out during sleeping you won’t have to replace it, as long as your baby is asleep that is the goal 


Firm Sleep Surface 

  • Always put your baby to sleep on a firm surface and always place your baby their backs to sleep 


Keep the Crib Clear 

  • Keep all toys, pillows, comforters and sheepskins out of the way, This will just help to avoid having anything in their way that they might possibly hit if they stretch and disrupt their sleep 


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