Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal…What’s that?

Learning the Gender of your baby can be a particularly exciting time for parents to be, family and friends.

Amongst parents, creative gender reveals have become very popular and a fun way to get the ones you love involved with your pregnancy journey. Gender Reveals are a unique way to find out the sex of your baby as the parents to be or share the news with your friends and family.

We have compiled ideas for five ways you can share with friends and family whether you are having a girl or a boy.


1. Gender Reveal Cake

Now who doesn’t like cake! This is can be a cost-effective option as you can also use the cake as dessert for your guests and if you are an avid cake maker you can make the cake yourself. The idea is that the icing or the cake itself is coloured pink or blue on the inside which is revealed upon cutting. There are so many ways to get creative with this one!

Shower Gender Reveal cake. Gold accent
Photo Credit: AllySweetCreation

2. Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

Balloon pops can be so exciting for Gender Reveal parties or any photoshoots/videos you may do to mark the occasion. It’s simply an opaque coloured balloon filled on the inside with either pink or blue confetti. The idea is when you pop it confetti falls around you revealing whether your little one is a baby girl or boy.

Ginger Ray Gender Reveal Balloon -  Black
Photo Credit: Ginger Ray Gender Reveal Balloon

3. Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bombs really can be used anyway you like. It all depends on how creative you can get with it.

Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal  Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal        Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal
Photo Credit:

4. Take a photo!

Why not take a fun photo revealing the sex of your baby. You can share with friends and family via social media or even via post or email for those that live far away. It is also a nice way to capture the moment.

Pregnancy Announcement Gender Reveal make that special birth announcement gender reveal to your family parents and the world through social media
Photo Credit: Frank and Bunny Love

5. Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

And last but no means least… Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons. This is one of the most exciting ways you can do a reveal. If you’re all for an extravagant reveal, then this one is for you. The cannons go off with a big bang to shoot pink or blue confetti across the room. Simply gather your friends & family in a circle, twist the confetti cannon and watch the coloured confetti scatter. Here at Baby Boo Boo we have a range of confetti and confetti and powder cannons to help make your reveal memorable. And we have got you if you need a practice run with our range of tester cannons.

Photo Credit: Baby Boo Boo

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