Frugal 101 – Ways to save money as a new parent

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Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it!

I know it’s tempting when you see a massive sale sign on what seems to be the cutest winter coat in the middle of summer. BUT if you buy it now guessing the size your baby will be in winter I guarantee 90% of the time your estimate will be wrong or by the time the winter season comes around you’ll probably see something else you’ve fallen in love with and forget all about this jacket. Buy what you need for now and save for later


Buy in bulk!

Probably will be the easiest way to save some money stock up when you see the sales on the essentials you know you’ll always need i.e Baby Wipes and Nappies but be careful with the perishables make sure you check the expiry date on baby formula before you buy a truckload and it expires in a month rendering the amazing deal you’ve just found. 


Multifunctional Items

Why buy a crib which will be of no use in a few years if not sooner when you can buy a crib which will also turn into your child’s first bed with a swift change or a pram which can transform into a bassinet or car seat. Yes I know the cost at first might make your heart stop for a few seconds but in most cases it works and cheaper and will last for any future babies that may occur.


Say no take out & yes to eating in

Ok so you’re not in the mood to stand in the kitchen after a long day or simple can not be bothered. BUT think of the savings you’ll make in the long run eating in i’m not saying don’t treat yourself every now and then but £20 – £30 on an average takeaway every weekend and if you’re dining out you can probably times that figure per head easily won’t do any favours to your pockets in the long run.


Free activities

There’s so many free things to do with your little ones, trips to the park, museums or even your local mother clubs will always be a nice little outing and with the added bonus of being able to connect with others who know exactly what you’re going through and after an afternoon of running around they’ll more than likely be ready for a good night’s sleep.


Say no to big holidays

Don’t give into the peer pressure of having to take your little ones to Disneyland within the first year or take them on a massive family holiday which is clear out your budget. Save your money to go when you can afford it and the plus is they’ll most likely remember the memories, rather than purely through pictures.


Set up a standing order

Even if it’s a small amount per month you’re tucking away every little helps and will come as a nice surprise at the end of the year!