Frugal 101 – Christmas activities on a budget

Christmas also known as *sings* the most expensive time of year! Full of joy, fun and an extremely big bill especially if you have little ones are home. As much as we want to spoil our children during the holiday period and rightfully so this is one of the most special times of year to make memories and spend quality time with your loved ones. But it is hard to avoid the constant festivities and cleverly placed everywhere you go with your child so they can hound you for hours on end until they can go to the impromptu Christmas fare you didn’t plan for. But we’re here to try and save you as much as we possibly can and gave you as many ideas to try and have the most memorable Christmas possible but without breaking the bank!

Christmas Countdown 

  • The Christmas Countdown is literally what it sounds like, It’s an activity we’ve made that not only benefit your kids but also yourselves. In essence you map out Christmas activities, So each day you can note down what it is you’ll be doing or if it’ll be a rest day etc… that way you’ll be able clearly budget out your spending for the month but if you print this out and put it somewhere accessible to them it’ll allow them to know what they’re doing each day. It’s with the hopes that it’ll give the kids something to look forward to each day over the holidays as well as help allow you to stick to your allocated budgets. 

Please see the following link for ‘Christmas Countdown’ download Christmas Countdown

Christmas Carolling

  • It may sound cliche and something you only see in the movies but you’d be surprised people do actually still do Christmas carolling. They might not do it door to door often but if you look into it you may find a group within your local community arranging to do it on one specific day door to door or they may even hold an event. Even if you aren’t up for carolling itself it’s always a nice little family outing for the kids.

Christmas Fare

  • I know you may think I thought this was ways to save money but just hear us out! Christmas without going to winter wonderland or your local Christmas fare should be considered a crime! No one not even myself can turn down a fun fair with a side of  hot doughnuts and hot chocolate and One planned visit will not break the bank. If you want to make it even better get some family members or friends involved make a big affair and have a few of you head down. It’s a guaranteed way for not only the kids to have fun, you get out of going on roller coasters as they can go on with the other kids *saved you some money there* but the real added bonus is that i can bet any amount of money that you reach home you kids will have worn themselves out and bed time will be a breeze.

Planned Evening’s In

  •  Popcorn, Blankets and Movies! This is unbeatable! Not only is it cost effective, it’s comfortable and as much as many people think kids love the extravagant things as they get older it’s probably the simple things such as the family movie nights curled up on the sofa that they’ll cherish the most. There’s no shortage of classic Christmas movies you can binge through and you space them out over the holidays whether it’s you set a movie night once or twice a week, You never know you might keep the tradition throughout the year.

Christmas Bucket List 

  •  Alongside the 25 days of Christmas you can also make a Christmas Bucket List a list of things that your child has to complete over Christmas be that general activities and once they get a specific amount of activities they can get a treat that you’ve set out etc.. Be that they have to complete something educational or a Christmas activity in general it’s entirely up to yourselves. 


  • Baking whether it be cakes, cookies or cupcakes, baking is one of those things that always get kids excited to just purely get stuck in sometimes literally. It’s a good way to get the whole family involved and even if they don’t want to be involved in the process they’ll definitely want to be there for the end result.Now some of you may be blessed with the baking genes whereas some of you may have not but there’s ways around this for everyone. If baking it’s your things there’s always a box mix that suits everyone. 


Hopefully these ideas will help to keep your Christmas as on budget as possible! Feel free to share and sign up for any notifications on any future blogs. We do value your opinions so if there are any tips or printables which found helpful and have worked for your or not so much you’re welcome to comment and let us know. Please feel free to share these printables with all your fellow parents who you think may benefit from this! Sharing is caring and who doesn’t like to save some coins these days. All printables are available for download on 

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