Benefits of organic cotton on babies

What’s the difference?

There are many differences between Organic and Conventional Cotton the first thing people usually notice is the difference in price and some do wonder if it’s actually worth the price increase. But when taking into consideration the many differences in the production of organic cotton to ensure it’s as pure as possible it starts to make sense. To name a few, Organic Cotton is made from natural seeds and there are no other chemicals or pesticides involved in the process. As well whereas conventional cotton can be either machine or hand picked, Organic Cotton is only ever handpicked which helps ensures that no fibers are damaged in the process. There are also many other benefits for your little ones such as:

It’s safer for babies

The lack of toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process automatically makes it safer for your little ones as you can be at ease knowing there’s nothing possibly harmful for the child in the fabric.This factor makes it amazing for the skin especially if your baby has sensitive skin and is prone to allergies. Also an added benefit is that the fabric allows their skin to breathe freely and has been said to be more comfortable 

Last Longer 

Organic cotton has been known to last longer and due to the fact that the fibers are extremely pure thanks to the thorough picking process they don’t break down as easy as conventional cotton which allows the clothing and items to last longer and helps to save money in the long run. 

Helps save the planet & workers

If the above points don’t sell it to you, organic farming helps to protect the environment and fight against global warming. It helps to protect it’s farmers and workers as millions of cotton workers suffer from pesticides every year which in close contact can lead to infertility and birth defects.

That being said there’s loads of pros and cons in the debate of Conventional Cotton vs Organic Cotton for both sides and it all depends on what works best for your child and you as a parent. I know some who only buy organic clothing, some who only buy cotton clothing and some who mix and match depending on the specific items. Either way you’ll know what works best for your budget and most importantly for your child’s skin and there’s no shortfall of brands who cater for both. 

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